Prior to registering, all players and parents need to understand that playing lacrosse can lead to serious injury and/or death. Each player and parent agrees to hold Mountain Ridge Lacrosse, its Board of Directors and members, coaches and other players harmless for any damage, personal injury, including bodily injury or death, including loss thereof arising from participation in Mountain Ridge Lacrosse events including, but not limited to, practices, scrimmages, and games. Every player must have a parent/guardian sign an Indemnification, Waiver, and Release of Liability form.

All Mountain Ridge Lacrosse players are required to receive education about the signs, symptoms, and risks of sports-related concussions. Players are required to complete the Arizona Interscholastic Association AIA Barrow Brainbook. Additionally, a signed copy of the Mountain Ridge Lacrosse Concussion Awareness and Protocol Policy and Procedures must be completed by both the player and parent/guardian.

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